Writing Prompt 01

One third of the way through this challenge. So far so good. I’ve thought it might be easier if I have a writing prompt of some kind. I haven’t attempted to write fiction since I was a kid. I wrote stories about Bedouins in the desert finding underground cities. I wrote stories for the VaLun detective agency. But never as an adult. I think it scares me.

So, I’m going to try it!

I found a list of writing prompts for 53 days. I have 60 days left, so let’s see where this goes!

Hidden away on the inside of the jacket was a little zippered pocket. She was glad it was there. No one knew with the press of a tiny button, all this could change.

She walked along the sidewalk, pulled her shoulders back, and tried to look like she knew where she was headed. She had to pay attention to where she stepped, though, as it was obvious the residents of this particular neighborhood had no homeowner’s association to enforce cleanup after their pets.

Only two more blocks, and she figured be in the clear.

Sarah knew this wasn’t the last of her involvement with the Time Cops. She’d seen it already, but that hadn’t stopped her from trying so far. Only two more weeks and she’d be at the end of her contract, and she could settle down and have a normal, linear life. Of course, “weeks” was a totally relative term measured only by the TimeLog in her jacket. Should she get out of range and wait it out? Or push the button and run?

Take care.


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