Very long day. No time for writing prompt. Relationship with my peeps comes first.

Take care.



Long day. Work. Kid schedule. Dinner. Minecraft. Collapse in bed.
Take care.

Be The Change

DontFeedTheTrolls2It is emotionally draining to read critical and caustic comments on the internet. I don’t know what else can be done to keep online communities from being choked out by these toxic individuals.I’m part of a local neighborhood site and had asked for suggestions on places to change my watch battery. A lot of people responded. I think people feel good when they are asked for recommendations. People like to feel useful.Then two crabby patties came along and pissed on the thread. One to bitch about too many responses (I presume she was tired of getting app notifications?) and the other to bitch about the lack of attention to another posts. Did either of these posts contribute to society? Why do people feel the need to slam others to feel better?

Am I doing the exact same thing here? Nope. This post isn’t about them, it’s about me. How do *I* want to handle this kind of garbage in my life? I did what I could. I thanked the responders, and asked for the location of the other post so I could give it some attention. What else was there to do? I’m not looking to shame anyone, or get into a pissing contest of crab and sarcasm.

I need to learn how to escape the coal tar that is caustic internet commentary. I want to respond and “fix” the people that leave this kind of sludge in their wake, but I don’t think it’s a battle worth fighting – at least not at that level.

I guess I have to keep practicing, and keep at it, and not give up.